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Small Group Coaching



Similar to one-on-one coaching, small group coaching is a great way to improve your players’ soccer skills!


Players are able to receive more personalized training from coaches but are still able to learn how to play soccer with a group of people.


Coaching in small groups can help increase soccer education on the tactical side of the game and prepare players to play in a team environment, with more individualized coaching.


Players can grow and learn together as they practice and train as a group in a dynamic and motivational learning environment.



Benefits of Small Group Coaching


  • Exposes players to a wide variety of other types of players

  • Provides limitless performance opportunities for players

  • Develops performance confidence and skill

  • Encourages the development of team playing and problem-solving skills

  • Challenge players to higher levels of preparation and commitment

  • Teaches functional player skills

  • Prime environment for the study of soccer technique

  • Team-like environment with one-on-one like coaching


Session Information


  • Available 7 days a week for sessions

  • Schedule at your convenience

  • We come to you! Sessions can be organized in an area where you live

  • Coaches go out to games to assess and monitor players’ progress

  • 2-5 players


Lesson Fees


Two players                          $60/each


Three players or more         $55/each

Team sessions are available. We can come coach you team. Please contact us.




*Sessions are also available for one-on-one and team training.

Redmond, WA

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