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Our 10 year old son was interested in trying out for one of Seattle's better teams. We found Campioni International Soccer Academy and interviewed Mark to help him prepare. After 2 months, our son improved tremendously because Mark is just that good. His knowledge, attention to skills, attitude, and patience remain a high water mark for us. 


Thank you Mark and Campioni International Soccer Academy!



Bridal Trails, WA

I am a 39 year old male who wanted to get back into physical activity and learn how to play soccer well. I have been working with coach Mark and Campioni for several months and I am truly amazed how I have grown in ability and the belief in myself. Not only do you learn how to play soccer like the players at the highest level do but you receive an education. If you want to learn from the best call them.




Matthew Barnette

Bothell, WA

I just wanted to send Mark a note to thank you and Campioni International Soccer Academy for your help with our son.   



We came to Mark because our son was facing a highly competitive tryout and we wanted to improve several areas of his game.  After working with Mark our son had a great tryout and made the team. 


The coaching gave our player the tools to use as well as the instruction on when and how to use them.  It enabled him to move past instinct and habit and play with a more structured and informed style.  The sessions with Mark did a lot to focus and prepare him. 


As an example: Our son said after the first day that he was doing 1v1’s against a player he knows and lost the first two rounds.  He took a mental pause and tried to focus on playing with a bit more purpose and using the moves he has been working on with Mark, and promptly won the next five challenges in a row.  He was very pleased. 



Mark listened carefully to what we needed and made a plan to work with us.  When we brought feedback from our son’s Crossfire coach, Mark was able to shift gears and refocus on specific areas. 


Works Well With Youth Players

Mark worked well with our player.  He had a good feel for what our player needed to learn, how much he could absorb and how hard to push him.  Our son enjoyed the sessions and was enthusiastic to attend. 


Professional and Knowledgeable

Mark was always professional and also still flexible to work with our schedule as he could.  He was easy to get in touch with and reached out to us quickly when needed.  He has a good knowledge of the game is able to share that well. 


We would definitely recommend Mark and Campioni International Soccer Academy as a coach.



Redmond, WA

Mark did an excellent job in this role as Soccer Coach from the first day he began working with us. With his 13 years plus playing experience abroad, many successful roles as a youth coach and coaching kids full time at his Soccer Academy - Campioni International Soccer Academy - he demonstrated to us that he is very experienced, reliable, organized and dedicated and has excellent attention to detail. He communicates clearly with players, coaches, parents and school staff.


My office has received numerous positive remarks from parents and players on his positive outlook and encouraging coaching style.  


I would recommend Mark to any organization in need of a Soccer Coach. Mark would be an excellent acquisition to any team or personal coaching session. 


We will be inviting him back next year.




John Wiley

Athletics Director

The Overlake School, 

Redmond, WA

It is my pleasure to recommend Mark as a soccer coach.


There were several things that really stood out about Mark's approach to coaching.  


First of all his passion for the game really shone through.  This was not just passion as a fan, but more as a coach looking at the technical abilities of the players and tactical approach of the teams.


At the younger levels he really focused on the individual skill development of the players. Some of them were a bit raw and he worked to provide training situations which would help the more novice players but also provide challenges to the more advanced ones.


He was good at creating activities which focused on the particular skill.  He could demonstrate what was needed; you could see him using the key coaching points with the players. When working on team tactics, you can see his input and insight into how to utilize players. 


I wouldn't hesitate to have Mark from Campioni International Soccer Academy as coach for players in a one on one or team capacity.


His knowledge of the game and his passion for coaching certainly make him an excellent teacher of the game for young developing players.  He is demanding of players, but also has a great rapport with them and they respect what he has to say.  


Bob Bristol

The Overlake School

Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

USSF 'A' License

We truly appreciate Campioni International Soccer Academy and Mark as a Coach and his one-on-one style. Our 15 year old daughter is hoping to make the team as a new high schooler...We wanted to give her alot of touches on the ball and more confidence headed into tryouts. With Mark, we got both. His drills and style of coaching helped her development and mental attitude. We will definitely recommend him to any friends looking for personalized soccer coaching.


He assessed her skill levels, made realistic yet positive comments and goals, and gave her the training/tools to accomplish them!



Redmond, WA

It was great to see their game. I (and other parents on the bench) were very impressed with their ball skills - passing, touches, etc. You've done a great job with them this year!



The Overlake School

Redmond, WA

We are very pleased with the coaching sessions conducted by Campioni.

Coach Mark strikes a fine balance between offering "hardcore" soccer drills found in professional soccer clubs and making the experience fun for the children. 

As one of the parents told me, "our kids had a blast". Finally, the prices are very competitive if you can assemble a small group of kids instead of one-on-one.



Redmond, WA



"As a parent I enjoy Mark’s enthusiasm for soccer as well as his ability to explain things in the context of the game. At the end of each training session, Mark summaries what he and my daughter worked on; it allows me know what the key training points were and what I might reinforce later when I watch my daughter play.”


"My daughter has gained tremendous confidence in her abilities as a soccer player.”




"Mark’s an inspirational coach who teaches skills that can be taken farther than the soccer field.”



Kirkland, WA

Thank you Mark for your excellent coaching.! It was a pleasure watching the team play especially the 1 on 1 moves, the accurate passes and the possession soccer!  I know that Devika's soccer skills improved a lot over this season.   





The Overlake School

Redmond, WA

Thanks, Mark.


I think I can speak for many parents in conveying to you what a thrill it was to watch the players advance their ball skills and confidence on the pitch. There were several thrilling and impressive games, and I will miss

watching them! Thanks for all of your focus and encouragement this season!


Best to you,



The Overlake School

Redmond, WA

I was looking for an experienced coach for my 7 year old son to teach him foundation skills. Both my son and I enjoyed the overall personal training with Coach Mark in that he is able to


1.     Tailor the training based on where my son is at each of the skill and adjusts the pace accordingly


2.     Focus on foundational skills which will definitely benefit him immensely in the long run


3.     Provide a good balance of hard ball techniques as well as overall sportsman ship on the field.


Overall it is a great experience and we will continue with coach Mark next year.





Bellevue, WA

Thanks Mark, 


The boys had a great game yesterday.  They WON 2-1 against a team we lost 4-0 earlier in the season.  They even did it without any subs!!  

A lot of the things you taught us really paid off.  In defense they are improving at staying in front of the guy with the ball and not just trying to take it away.  In possession, when the ball is in the attacking third, the center-mids did a better job of not pushing up too far and forget to be support deeper.  I think the offensive lesson was good too.  I think it gave the boys confidence on when they should make a move and attack. 



U15 Boys Rec



I want to express my thanks for taking your time last Sunday and watching the boys play. I really appreciate you putting in so much time for the team on a weekend. 


I have been very excited by the key stuff you have been coaching. Last week's game was a telling example of that. We had two very different half. It was as if a different team showed up in the 2nd half after you talked to them at half time. The boys executed in the second half what you have been teaching them and we got 3 goals in 15 minutes with the first two in just 5 minutes. The other team simply had no idea what to do when our team played the possession game. I am very excited about the possibilities for the rest of the season.


Thanks again for what you have brought and continue to bring for the development of the boys.



Bothell, WA

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