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Champions Soccer School

Mark Calleja
Head Coach

Professional Qualifications




I am originally from Sydney, Australia. I moved to Seattle, WA in 2009. I have been coaching full time. I have coached high school varsity and club soccer as well as develop players through Champions Soccer School. 
I made Champions Soccer School to help educate young soccer players of any playing level and experience so that I can help as many players as possible reach their goals
My Motto is "For The Players"
Champions Soccer School was founded by Australian Mark Calleja. 
In 2012, as Assistant Coach with The Overlake School in Redmond, I was a major contributor working with the team on crucial tactical understanding as the varsity team became 1A State Champions in Washington State.
In 2015, as Head Coach of Select side Newport FC Boys 2000 (U15) my team was crowned fall Champions without losing a game. 
"The most important aspect for us becoming champions with Overlake and Newport was the way the team actually played football. With an importance on correct technical execution, controlling the game with possession of the ball, creating goal scoring opportunities with good combination play with the ball and smart runs off the ball.
With Newport FC what was so pleasing was those boys were such quick learners and very coachable. We only had 6 weeks before the beginning of the season to lay a foundation with all the technical and tactical work for how they would play. None of the boys had played with such a deep understanding of the games tactics and they didn't have any confidence either. But somebody has to show them even if we did in fact come last trying to learn it. To their credit they performed exceptionally well!"
Below is a highlights video of my Newport team in action. 
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.46.43.png
What some happy soccer players and parents say:  

"After 2 months, our son improved tremendously because Mark is just that good...Thank you Mark and Campioni International Soccer Academy!"


-Lou F.

"I have been working with coach Mark and Campioni for several months and I am truly amazed how I have grown in ability and the belief in myself...If you want to learn from the best call them."


-Matthew B.

"I wouldn't hesitate to have Mark as coach for players in a one on one or team capacity...He is demanding of players, but also has a great rapport with them and they respect what he has to say."


-Bob Bristol, Head Coach Overlake School

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