Get the right Soccer Education - 1:1 soccer Lessons


What is the difference between training and education?

Education captures the essence on, a deep and sophisticated football ''education'', not merely ''training''.

Education values, concept over drills, guidance over correction. This modern method teaches players "How to" create and understand how to make correct solutions in games on their own.

Players must have excellent skills and understand how to play the game. Players must be able to solve soccer problems with the correct solutions. To do this, they need excellent ball manipulation skills and extensive knowledge of the way the game is played. With educated and professional coaches, players are taught not only the skills required to play the game, but the intelligence to pick the right solution to the problems they face on the pitch.

Practice Session Process

  • Step by step skill development. Correct execution of the balance, connection and follow through positions of different skills.

  • Small exercises to develop learnt skills for game execution. First under no pressure and then adding difficulty to the exercises.

  • More complex exercises which involve game/positional tactics to understand how, when and where to execute skills.

Session Information


  • Available 7 days a week for sessions

  • Schedule at your convenience

  • Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue, North Seattle, Mercer Island.



Lesson Fees


$40 - 30 minutes (For U6 and younger usually)


$65 - 60 minutes


$97 - 90 minutes